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Townhouses In Trinidad and Tobago

Name: Rickey Villaroel - Director


Contact: (868) 759-1712 | (716) 804-8492

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Welcome to Townhouse For Sale In Trinidad and Tobago. I am Rickey Villaroel the owner of this website and the Managing Director of Keyrol Services Ltd. We provide several services related to Real Estate in Trinidad and Tobago. The following are some of the services we provide:

  • Real Estate Agent - Whether you buying or selling or both we will work with you to get the best value for money.
  • Real Estate Advertising - Do want want to sell your property online? We can help you reach a large audience which will help your property sell fast. private owners, real estate agents, business etc. We can also do short videos to promote your property.
  • Real Estate Website - Are you a Real Estate agent? Do you want your own website to grow you business online? We can help you increase your income with your website showing in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook. 
  • House Plans Designs - We can sit with you and design your dream home or we can make suggestions that you may like in line with current trends: open floor plans, natural lighting, split levels, gable - hip and valley roofs and much more.
  • Contruction Services - We can build from ground up. From foundation to finish we can get it done at an affordable price. With so many options available you need an HONEST and reliable  team to ensure timelines and budget are kept.
  • Property Management - Looking for someone to do repairs, landscaping, painting etc. Give us a call to dicuss how easy we make it for your problems to be resolve.

The real estate market in Trinidad and Tobago is at a high and it is very difficult to find a home at an affordable price. With the crime situation in Trinidad and Tobago, townhouses may be considered a great option due the the security benefits.

If you are interested in finding a townhouse for sale in Trinidad and Tobago this is the website you need to bookmark and check for the latest and updated listings.